Religion In South Asia: A Liberative Perspective, (Edited by Dr. Asghar Ali Engineer)

Religion In South Asia: A Liberative Perspective

A new book Edited by Dr. Asghar Ali Engineer

Though Liberation Theology has yet not struck its roots in South Asia, some scholars have, however, started taking deep interest in it. As a result, we have begun to see the liberation content in every religion in the region.

The present book offers the researches of some of these enterprising scholars. All the major religions in South Asia, namely Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism and Christianity have been covered here. Their liberative content, which was hardly discernible, stands exposed for people to make use of it. The generalists and scholars will, it is hoped, find the work instructive and inspiring.



1. Introduction
  Asghar Ali Engineer

Part I : Hinduism

2. Liberative Undercurrents in Hindu Thought: A Preliminary Inquiry
    M.C. Dinakaran

3. Hindu Liberation Theology: A Blueprint for Reform

  - Swamy Agnivesh

Part II : Buddhism

4. The Buddhist Way to Liberation of Society

    - Kuliyapitiye Prananda

Part III : Christianity

5. Christianity in the Cause of Liberation

  - Errol D Lima

6. Domination Җ Liberation: A New Approach

  - Enrique Dussel

Part IV : Islam

7. Religion, Ideology and Liberation Theology: An Islamic Point of View

  - Asghar Ali Engineer

8. Islam and the Challenge of Poverty

-      Asghar Ali Engineer

Part V : Sikhism

9. Sikhism and Human Liberation

  - Gurbhagat Singh

Part VI : Miscellaneous

10. Religion and Socialism

    - Frederic Hastings Smyth

11. Religion and the Left

    - Cornel West

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