Bojadzic, Elvira

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Elvira Bojadzic

She was born in Bosnia, on 7th of August 1973 in a small town called Bosanski Kobas.
She lived in Slovenia since she was one year old. She studied art at University in Ljubljana, and graduated from history of art, specifically Islamic Calligraphy.
By profession she is a Profesor of Art Education.
During her studies she was an art editor of a newspaper called Tema.
So far she had three group exhibitions and this year she is planning to have two solo exhibitions.
Next month there will be an article about her art in Muslim newspaper Saff. A bosnian critic was kind
enough to write something about her work.
She works mainly with acrylic colors on paper and canvas.
She also likes making graphic prints. 
She works and live in Slovenia. But she is also considering to go to Sarajevo and live there (in Bosnia).