Basha, Dr. Yahya

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Dr. Yahya Mossa Basha (.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)) was born in Born in Hama, Syria and educated in Pre-School, Elementary and High School in Christian Orthodox and Muslim schools and attended college and Medical School in Damascus, Syria. Married and living with his wife and seven children in West Bloomfield, Michigan, Dr. Basha has always been involved in causes that promote the dignity and well being of people and fought against discrimination and persecution, even in his country of Syria before coming to this country and becoming a citizen of the United States.

Dr. Basha has worked extensively on the issues of profilingӔ and secret evidenceӔ. Always promoting the civil rights of all people, he was appointed by Governor John Engler of Michigan to the Michigan Civil Rights Commission for 1999- 2003. Dr. Basha has also been appointed to the Council of Presidents for the United States Conference of Religions for Peace as well as appointed as Board Member of the World Elijah Interfaith Academy, based in Jerusalem.

Dr. Basha is the founder and current Chairman of the Muslim American Coalition and Advisor to the American Muslim Alliance. He was the former Advisor to the American Muslim Taskforce and the AMPCC. Dr. Basha was also the former Chairman of the American Muslim Council (AMC), a national non-profit organization with headquarters in Washington, D.C. His accolades also include Board Member of the Board of Governors for the Arab American Institute, President of the Islamic Medical Association- Midwest Region, and former President of the Cultural Association of Franklin, Michigan. He is a past Board Member of the Islamic Association of Greater Detroit and the Dix and Dearborn Mosques.

Dr. Basha is the founder and President of Basha Diagnostics, P.C.; a multi-site Diagnostic Imaging company in Southeastern Michigan serving Oakland, Macomb and Wayne Counties. His achievements in the medical field have led him to be appointed to the National Committee on Foreign Medical Education and Accreditation for the United States Department of Education..