Bakhtiar, Laleh

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LALEH BAKHTIAR, PH.D. has worked in the field of Islam and Sufism since 1964. She is author of Sufi Expressions of the Mystic Quest (Thames and Hudson, 1976), Sufi Women of America: Angels in the Making (Kazi Publications, 1994), Encyclopedia of Islamic Law: a Compendium of the Major Schools (Abc International Group, Inc., 1995), Encyclopedia of Muhammads Women Companions and the Traditions They Related (Abc International Group, Inc., 1997), Traditional Psychoethics and Personality Paradigm (Institute of Traditional Psychology, 1994), Moral HealerҒs Handbook (Institute of Traditional Psychology, 1994), Moral Healing Through the Most Beautiful Names (Institute of Traditional Psychology, 1994), Shariati on Shariati and the Muslim Woman (Abc International Group, Inc., 1996), Muhammads Companions: Essays on Some Who Bore Witness to His Message (Kazi Publications, 1996), Co-author of the Sense of Unity: the Sufi Tradition in Persian Architecture (University of Chicago Press, 1972), Helen of Tus: Her Odyssey from Idaho to Iran (Institute of Traditional Psychology, 2002), Translator of Islamic Modest Dress: Hijab (Kazi Publications, 1993), Hajj: Reflections on its Rituals (Abjad Books, 1993), Editor Ramadan: Motivating Believers to Action (Institute of Traditional Psychology, 1995), Sufi Book of Spiritual Ascent (Kazi Publications, 1998), Roya Book of Spiritual Chivalry (Great Books of the Islamic World, 2000), Ibn Arabi on the Mysteries of Bearing Witness (Great Books of the Islamic World, 2001), Risalah (Great Books of the Islamic World, 2001) and Adapter of Canon of Medicine (Great Books of the Islamic World, 2000).

Laleh was born of an American mother and Iranian father. She grew up in the United States where she received all of her education earning her B.A. in History from Chatham College, Pittsburgh, PA, M.A. in Counseling Psychology, M.A. in Philosophy and Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM. In addition to writing, editing and translating, she has taught at the University of Chicago and is currently President of the Institute of Traditional Psychology.

Through her research, writing and lecturing, she has uncovered the Sufi orgins of the Enneagram and has presented papers and workshops at the International Enneagram conferences on her work. She offers a Computer Based Training (CBT) course on the Sufi Enneagram on the web at  She has been a practicing Sufi for the last thirty years.
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