American/Canadian/European Muslim - Authority, Leadership, Community building - updated 1/11

collected by Sheila Musaji

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American/Canadian/European Muslim Community - Authority, Leadership, Community building

collected by Sheila Musaji

A Constitutional Amendment to Ban Islam?, Sheila Musaji

A defense of free speech by American and Canadian Muslims

A Happy Masjid, Jawad Ali

A Leadership Primer: Why We Are Failing Miserably?, Habib Siddiqui

A memo to American Muslim leaders, Muqtedar Khan

A Plea For Unity, Sheila Musaji

A Tale of Two Dinners, Javeed Akhter

A Time for Healing, Imam Ghayth Nur (Lonnie) Kashif 

A Time to Speak, Yahiya Emerick,

A widening chasm, Khalsoom Lakhani

African American Muslims Key to Bridge Building in US, Aminah Beverly McCloud

Akbar Ahmed’s Journey into America Highlights Muslim-American Diversity, M. Scott Bortot

America Represents ‘True’ Islamic Principles, Tammam & Patricia Adi,

American Muslim Civic Leadership Institute (AMCLI)

The American Muslim Community’s “Obama” Problem, Firas Ahmad

American Muslim Political Renaissance

American Muslim Engagement in Politics, Imad ad-Dean Ahmad,

American Muslim Leaders Probe Problem Of Disaffected Youths

American Muslim Political Reactions to Third World Dependence

American Muslim Women Take on More Leadership Roles

American Muslims Expound on Diversity, Cathy Armer,

American Muslims Have A Special Obligation, Ingrid Mattson, 

America’s Muslims Never Had to Unite Until Now, Peter Skerry

American Muslims and “Integration”, Parvez Ahmed 

American Muslims: Community at a Crossroads, Project MAPS,

American Muslim Taskforce - Leaders Still Haven’t Learned Their Lesson

American Muslims: From Religious Parochialism to Bridge Builders, Ibrahim Kalin 

American Muslims Have a ‘Special Obligation’, Ingrid Mattson 

American Muslims Have Been Made Invisible, Sheila Musaji 

American Muslims Struggle for the Soul of Islam, Hassan Zillur Rahim,

American Political Scene and American Muslims

American Suspicion Of Muslims Grows: Interview with Zareena Grewal

America’s Crucial Choice: Religious Division Or Unity, Eboo Patel

America’s Ideals Are Being Challenged By Cordoba House Controversy, Sheila Musaji

America’s promise meant for everyone, Eboo Patel

America’s Two Muslim Congressmen Cogitate on the New York Mosque and the State of Islam in the U.S.

America’s “Good Muslims” Are Being Left Out to Dry , Abbas Barzegar

Answering Questions from American Muslims, Grand Mufti of Egypt, Shaykh Ali Gomaa

Are American Muslims “The Enemy Within?”, Sheila Musaji

Between Nation and Umma: Muslim Loyalty in a Globalizing World, Yahya Birt 

Beyond the Condemnation of Terrorism, Louay Safi

Blaming Islam:  Examining the Religion Building Enterprise, Louay Safi

Bridging the Atlantic divide between Muslims, Jalees Rehman

British Muslims Speak Out About Loudmouths in Their Midst

Can a good Muslim be a good American?, Sheila Musaji

Can I wear your kufi, brother?, Samar Luberto

Can there be a discussion on Islam thats not STUPID???, Farish A Noor

Can Women Be Imams?, Shaikah Halima Krausen

Case for an American Muslim Identity, Muqtedar Khan

Challenge of Leadership Facing the American Muslim Community, Anisa Abd el Fattah,

Challenges facing American Muslim women, Samer Hathout

Chasm Between African Americans and Immigrant Muslims, Hasan Zillur Rahim

Civil, Democratic Islam: America’s Desperate Search for the ‘Liberal’ Muslim, Yoginder Sikand

Civil rights and the patriot act, TAM article collection

Community at a Crossroads, Parvez Ahmed

Community Members Encourage Coalition Building

Comparing Classical American with Classical Islamic Thought: A Review of Omar Tarazi, Dr. Robert Dickson Crane

Confronting Online Radicalization of Muslim Youth, Shahed Amanullah

Confusion of the Scholars, Yahiya Emerick,

Converts - TAM article collection

Cordoba House incident, TAM article collection

The Creative Mission of Muslim Minorities in the West: Synthesizing the Ethos of Islam and Modernity, Louay Safi

Crescent University, A Critique and a Vision, Altaf Bhimji,

Crisis of Authority in Islam, Richard W. Bulliet,

Criticism Strengthens Community, Abdul Malik Mujahid,

Daring to be European Muslims, H. A. Hellyer

Dawa By Any Means Necessary, Pamela Taylor

Dealing with the Siege Mentality among Muslims, Farish A Noor

Dear Mr. President, are we still within the bounds of reasonable discourse?, Sheila Musaji

Defeating Stereotypes: Muslims in America, Nancy Paik,

Demographic Facts: Muslims in America

Demanding Professionalism in Our Masajid, Yahiya Emerick,

Democracy and Islam, TAM article collection

Determining Islamic Authority in North America, Asma Barlas,
Part I -
Part II - 

Directory of Experts on Islam and Muslim Affairs Published

Dispute Resolution,

Emerging American Muslim Leaders Create Network Of Support 

Empowering Islam in America:  Political Guidelines, Dr. Robert D. Crane

Enough Is Enough: A Blueprint for Enlightened Friday Sermons in Our Mosques, Hasan Zillur Rahim

Essence and Perception:  Changing the Perception of Islam in the West, Dr. Robert D. Crane

Excellence in Islamic Education, Jeremy Henzell-Thomas

Expressions of Islam in America

Family Law Issues Affecting American Muslims, Azizah al-Hibri,

Flight From the Masjid, Zaid Shakir

Fort Hood Tragedy: What Muslims Know and what non-Muslims conveniently don’t, Robert Salaam

Fort Hood:  A Defining Moment for Muslim Americans, Salam al Marayati

Freedom of Thought, IJTIHAD, Interpretation, IJMA, Islamization of Knowledge, TAM article collection

Future of Islam in the U.S., Dr. Ja’far Sheikh Idris,

Future of Islam in America, Eboo Patel

Gender issues, TAM article collection

Generation M: Growing Up Muslim in America

God Bless Islam with Courageous Leadership, Ebrahim Moosa

Hey, America: I’m a Muslim, let’s talk, Mona Eltahawy

How can we view Muslims as Americans?, Asma T. Uddin

How Liberal Mosque Defenders Are Playing into the Hands of the Islamophobes, Aisha Ghani

How the Florida pastor and the New York imam can live their faiths, Akbar Ahmed

How should Muslims react to burning the Qur’an, Nihad Awad

Human Responsibilities and Rights in the Shari’ah: An Advanced Primer, Dr. Robert D. Crane 

I am a Muslimarican, Qasim Basir,b=facebook 

Images of Islam in America

Immigrant American Muslims and the Moral Dilemmas of Citizenship, M. Muqtedar Khan,

Influencing Culture Change: A Call to American Muslims, Tariq Nelson

Interfaith Dialogue a Moral Duty to Finding Common Ground, Louay Safi

Interfaith dialogue issues, TAM article collection

Interview with Jack Shaheen - more leadership needed

Intolerance and Islam since 9/11, Eboo Patel

Is America Becoming More Islamophobic?, Saif Ansari

Is Sharia law reconcilable with modernity?, Sh. Ali Gomaa

Islam in Europe and the U.S., CSIS, 

Islam in the U.S., Wikipedia

Islam and Columbus’ America, Dr. T.B. Irving,

Islam and the Challenge of Democracy by Khaled Abou El Fadl 

Islam in the U.S. Fact Sheet,

Islam in America, TAM article collection

Islamophobia no longer questioned - even by our elected representatives, Sheila Musaji

Islamophobia, TAM article collection

Islam’s Crossroads: Islamic Leadership, Akbar S. Ahmed

Islam’s Encounter with American Culture: Making Sense of the Progressive Muslim Agenda, Louay Safi

It’s about the community, stupid, Abed Z. Bhuyan

LABELS -Moderate-Liberal-Secular-Progressive-Fundamentalist-Militant-Reconstructionist-Wahabi-Salafi, TAM article collection
The Leadership Failure of Park51 (Cordoba House), Hussein Rashid

A Leadership Primer: Why We Are Failing Miserably?, Habib Siddiqui

Lessons Learned From the Arab American Leadership Conference Convened by the State Dept., James Zogby

Looking for new ways to engage, Remona Aly

Lord Nazir Ahmed Slams the Backward Mafia That Run U.K. Mosques

Lost and leaderless, Rafia Zakaria


Message to the Muslim People of the United States and Canada, Sulayman Nyang

The Mission of Imams in America: Marginalizing Extremists by Revealing the Real Truth About Muhammad, Dr. Robert D. Crane

Moderate Muslims under siege, Khaled Abou El Fadl

The “Mosque controversy” demonstrates how passive and unorganized the Arab and Muslim Americans truly are, Hussein Ibish

Moving Beyond Theory

The Mosque, Hesham Hessabala

Muslim Activism in the U.S. Showing Signs of Maturity, Javed Akhter

Muslim American problems rooted in our inability to highlight our Americaness, Robert Salaam

Muslim American Voters Left Out in the Cold, William Fisher

Muslim community at a crossroads with a leadership vacuum, J. Hashim Brown

Muslim Community Leaders and American Politicians: Moving Forward, Abdulrahman El-Sayed

Muslim Community Members Encourage Coalition Building, Ayesha Ahmad,

Muslim Introspection and the Information Age

Muslim leaders of tomorrow conference

Muslim Names?:  A Rose by Any Other Name…, Sheila Musaji

Muslim Women Scholars and Religious Authority, by Zahra Ayubi, Nimat Hafez Barazangi & Tayyibah Taylor 

Muslims & Arabs discuss current wave of Islamophobia, Arabophobia, and anti-mosque hysteria, TAM article collection

Muslims in America: Identity and Participation, Dr. Aminah McCloud

Muslims in the U.S., Editors Philippa Strum & Danielle tarantolo,

Muslims, Islamic Law and Public Policy in the United States,  Sherman Jackson

Muslims in America, gustav Niebuhr, 

Muslims in America: Identity and Participation, Aminah McCloud

Muslims in the U.S., Asma Barlas, Part I -
Part II -

Muslims in the West, Akbar S. Ahmed,

Muslims, Islamic Law and Public Policy in the U.S., Dr. Sherman Jackson,

My First Year as a Muslim, 10 Years Later, Jeremiah McAuliffe,

My grandchildren and the mosque, Leslie Sinclair

National Coalition of African American Muslims Formed

National Council of Imam’s and Islamic Centers
- Founding Meeting

National Islamic Leaders Summit in NYC 2010

Normalizing Islam in America

North American Muslims Determined to Counter Violence and Terrorism, Sheila Musaji

Notion of Shura, Shura and Democracy, Dr. Tariq Ramadan 

Obamaphobia and Islamophobia Revisited, Sheila Musaji
Opportunities Facing American Muslim Women, Asifa Qureishi

Our Imam Problem, Muneeb Nasir 

Our Own Worst Enemy, Enver Masud

Problems of Womens’ Space in Masjids - Focus on Chicago, Abdul Malik Mujahid

Qualities of an Exemplary Leader, Zaid Shakir

Religion and Public Policy, Louay M. Safi 

Religion building, TAM article collection

Religious Authorities in Islam, Asma Barlas,

Religious extremism: Muslim challenge and Islamic response, Dr. Robert D. Crane

Rethinking the Masjid in America, Abdul Malik Mujahid,

The Road to American Muslim Political Empowerment, Abdullah A. Al-Arian

Role of Crescent University, Dr. Robert D. Crane,

Roles of a Mosque in a Muslim Community, Shahed Athar

Roots of Misconception:  Euro-American Perceptions of Islam Before and After 9/11, Ibrahim Kalin
Saving our youth from the disease of radicalism, Dr. Ali Shehata

Selective Hearing of Muslim Voices Against Extremism and Terrorism, Sheila Musaji

Shakeup At US Muslim Org Causes Ouster Of Executive Director, Shahed Amanullah

Shia - Sunni Unity, Dr. Shahid Athar,

Shia and Sunni Unity, TAM article collection

Silence of the Imams, Hassan Zillur Rahim, 

Sources of Authority in Islam, Asghar Ali Engineer,

State of Emergency: Friday Khutbahs in the United States, Hesham A. Hassaballa

Sufis and Salafis of the West: Discord and the Hope of Unity, Yahya Birt

Sunni Shia Unity, Sheila Musaji 

Time for Muslims to expect more from our leaders, Shahed Amanullah

Time to Listen to Muslim Majority in the U.S., Ahmed Nassef

Toward women friendly mosques, Louay Safi

Tradition or Extradition, Shaikh Abdul Hakim Murad

Undercover Mosque Documentary and Extremist Imams, Sheila Musaji

Unique Challenges and Opportunities of Western Muslims in the 21st Century, James Morris

Unity Lacking Between Muslim Groups, Rchel Zoll

U.S. Government and American Muslims Engage to Define Islamophobia, Muqtedar Khan

U.S. Muslim Engagement Initiative

-  American Muslims
-  “Bean Pie My Brother?: A Slice of American Muslim History”
-  civic engagement in the American Muslim community
-  CNN Report on Converts to Islam in America
-  Difference between Sunni and Shia, Abdal Hakim Murad
-  History of Islam in Europe
-  Inside Edition Report on Converts to Islam in the U.S.
-  Interview with Jeffrey Lang on why he became Muslim (3 parts)
-  Interview with Hamza Yusuf on Islam in America
-  Love for Humanity, Imam Zaid Shakir
-  Muslim influence on America and the West, Abdal Hakim Murad
-  Muslim Like Me (converts in U.S.)
-  “Sunnah, Shari’ah, Sectarianism and Ijtihad” by Abdal Hakim Murad
-  Turning Muslim in Texas

Vision of a New Islam, Fareena Alam,6903,1185265,00.html

WANTED: Inclusive Muslim Spaces, Muneeb Nasir

What goes first for American Muslims?, Abdelrahman Rashdan

What makes American Muslims unique?, M. Aurangzeb Ahmad

When A Cultural Paradigm is Divisive: Building a Strong Muslim Community, Amad Shakur

When You’re a Statistic - How Do You Respond?, Hamza Yusuf

Where is American Muslim Leadership in Cordoba House/Park 51 Controversy?, Sheila Musaji 

Whither Muslims?, Dr. Aslam Abdullah

Who represents American Muslims? No one, Farhana Qazi (leadership) 

Who Speaks for Islam?, Dr. Abdul Cader Asmal 

Why are Muslims the Dregs of the World,  Mere Scum at the Bottom of the Barrel?, Dr. Robert D. Crane

Women in mosques - No curtains, no walls, no partitions!, Muzammil Siddiqi 

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