Abusharif, Ibrahim

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Ibrahim Abusharif

Born and raised in the Chicago area, Ibrahim is the editor of Starlatch
Press. In addition to his work at Starlatch, Ibrahim is a writer of
non-fiction and fiction. His articles have appeared in The Christian Science
Monitor, The Chicago Tribune, Q-News (a London monthly), Dallas Morning
News, altmuslim.com, and other outlets. For nearly a decade, he has worked
closely on a project to translate the Quran. He has recently completed an
extensive index to the Quran that will accompany a revised translation of
the Book (God willing) to be published by Starlatch Press, and now has begun
a vocabulary dictionary to the Quran. Ibrahim is also working on historical
narratives, as well as a novel. His short story, “Tribute to the Last
Aisle,” won the Andalusia Prize for Short Fiction 2004. He is a graduate of
Northwestern University. You may visit is blog at http://www.fromclay.blogspot.com
and email him at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) .