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Sheila Musaji is the founding editor of The American Muslim (TAM) which was in print from 1989 to 1995, was an email newsletter from 1996 to 2001, and has been online since 2001.  In 1992 and 1994, The American Muslim produced the first Resource Directory of Islam in America (including mosques, schools, organizations, etc.), and which included the first Who’s Who Among American Muslims.  The American Muslim has been a completely volunteer effort. There are over 1,000 sites linking in, and the site has steadily grown to its’ current average of 18,000 visitors a day.

The TAM “Muslim Voices Against Extremism and Terrorism” resource has has received positive mention in the Homeland Security Policy Institute at George Washington University’s report on internet-facilitated radicalization entitled:  “Networked Radicalization:  A Counter-Strategy”, and is a widely referred to resource listed on many sites. 

Sheila received the Council on American-Islamic Relations 2007 Islamic Community Service Award for Journalism,  and the Loonwatch Anti-Loons of 2011: Profiles in Courage Award for her work in fighting Islamophobia.  Sheila was selected for inclusion in the 2012 edition of The Muslim 500: The World’s 500 Most Influential Muslims published since 2009 by the Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Centre in Amman, Jordan. 

Sheila Musaji has been active in many organizations, and community efforts over the years.  She is currently a member of the U.S. Attorneys’ Hate Crimes Task Force for Western Missouri, and a member of the Advisory Board of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF).  She was a Vice President of the Pattonville Education Foundation (Pattonville School District), was on the Board of Interfaith Partnership of Saint Louis, was on the Board of Advisors of the Islamic Resource Institute, and a member of the Lombard-Villa Park Clergyman’s Association, Board of the Islamic Information Center, and Coordinator of Da’wah Committee of the Islamic Center of Villa Park, Illinois 1986 to 1989. Member of the Board of the Islamic Information Center in Manchester, MO in 2002.  Coordinator of the Islamic Speaker’s Bureau of St. Louis from 2003 to 2010.

She was co-founder (with Nancy Ali) of The American Muslim Convert Support Group, Villa Park 1986.  She was the Co-Coordinator (with Hakim Archuletta) for the 1993 First North American Muslim Pow Wow in Abiquiu, New Mexico and participated in planning the 1994 and 1995 Pow Wow gatherings.  One of the organizers of a multi-organizational demonstration to end the occupation of Palestine in St. Louis in April, 2002.

She has been a speaker at the 4th Annual Islamic Conference of New England in Storrs, CT in 1988 and the 5th Islamic Conference of New England in Rhode Island in 1989, and at a Seminar on Methodology of the Islamic Movement: a Professional Approach at the Islamic Academy in Chicago 1990

She has participated in a number of conferences.  A Conference on Priorities and sense of direction in Islamic Work at American Islamic College in Chicago 1989.  She was one of two American delegates (with Dr. Zakiyyah Muhammad) to the 2d International Muslim Women’s Conference in Khartoum, Sudan in 1992.  She was a participant in 2002 Interfaith Panel on War and Terrorism at Washington University,  the Parliament for the World’s Religions in Chicago in 1993, the Islam in America Conference at Dar al Islam in New Mexico 1994.  She was a participant in the Diversity Awareness Conference in the Netherlands in 2006 and the Women’s Islamic Initiative in Spirituality and Equity (WISE) Conference in New York in 2006, the Sunni Shia Dialogue to Save Lives Conference in Chicago in December, 2006, and the Berlin Forum for Progressive Muslims conference at the Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation in Berlin, Germany in 2007 and 2008. 

She was the first Muslim Baccalaureate speaker at Amherst College, Massachusetts in 1992,

In 1992 and 1994, she wrote and published the first Resource Directory of Islam in America, which included the first Who’s Who Among American Muslims.  She worked with Imad Ad-Dean Ahmad of the Minaret of Freedom Institute on a Directory of Muslim experts in various fields, published by the Association of Muslim Social Scientists (AMSS) in 2008.  She is the author of over 800 articles about Islam in America dealing primarily with issues of citizenship, interfaith dialogue, Islamophobia, and community building.  She speaks often at churches, schools, service organizations and synagogues about Islam. She is certified as a trainer by the U.S. Department of Justice for the Arab, Muslim, and Sikh (AMS) Cultural Awareness Program since 2005. 

Sheila has been a signatory to the American Muslim Statement on Apostasy and Islam, and the Center for the Study of Islam and Democracy (CSID) Statement Denouncing Terrorism, the American Muslim Statement on September 11th, Resolution of the Sunni Shia Dialogue to Save LivesTent of Abraham, Hagar, and Sarah NY Times Ad calling for peacemaking,  Tariq Ramadan’s Appeal For a Non-Violent Global Resistance Movement, Statement by American and Canadian Muslims in Defense of Free Speech, and many other efforts for peace, dialogue, and justice.
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America’s Ideals Are Being Challenged By Cordoba House Controversy 8/10
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Attack Dawah?  1990

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Laleh Bakhtiar’s Qur’an Translation Controversy Over Verse 4:34   10/07 (women, abuse)
Bare Naked Islam:  Celebrating and encouraging violence against Muslims  11/11
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Glenn Beck and Pamela Geller Shamelessly Attack Memory of Norway Terror Victims 7/11
Eric Allen Bell Chooses to Retain “Ridiculous Prejudice”  1/12
Eric Allen Bell’s Accusations Typical of Islamophobic Spin Machine 9/12
Eliana Benador and the Washington Times Go Beyond Islamophobia to Raving, Paranoid, Lunacy!  6/11
Eliana Benador Continues her Raving, Paranoid, Lunacy  12/11
Biased JCPA Report - “American Muslims:  The Community and Their Relations with Jews” 3/11
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BOOK REVIEW: Me and You - Beyond Belief, Together: A Path to Peace All Our Faiths Can Share (David Liepert)  6/08
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Bullying a problem for Muslims, Arabs, and other minorities in American schools  4/11
Burkas, Bikinis, and Bigotry  5/10 (Miss USA)

Herman Cain Needs to Read the Constitution of the U.S. 7/11
Call for Input in Drafting a Fatwa Calling for Justice and Condemning Terrorism  7/11/05
The Call 11-11-11 Prayer Gathering in Detroit: A Nightmare Not a Dream  11/11
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Can We Get Along?  (interfaith)
Canadian Shia Muslim Organization (CASMO) Joins the Muslim Lunatic Fringe  4/11
Ergun Mehmet Caner Another Fake Ex-Terrorist  4/11
CAP releases report “Fear Inc., the Roots of the Islamophobia Network in America”  8/11
The Case of the “Muslim” Judge in Pennsylvania Revisited  6/12
Catastrophe in Gaza - How Can the Cycle of Violence Be Stopped?  3/7/08
David Caton and the Florida Family Association  1/12
Center for Security Policy Sharia Report a Threat to American Ideals   9/10
Charges Against Catholic University Were Not Made by Muslims  10/11
Aubrey & Joyce Chernick and the Fairbrook Foundation  4/11
Anjem Choudary part of the Muslim Lunatic Fringe (Royal wedding protest) 4/11
The Chickens Come Home to Roost - Losing our Civil Rights 4/08 (Patriot Act, Constitution)
Anjem Choudary/Islamic Thinkers “March for Sharia” Does Not Represent American Muslims  3/11
Christian Brotherly Love Difficult For Some To Attain - Dove World Outreach Sign 8/09 (extremism, Islamophobia, interfaith)
Christian Clergyman Calls For Internment Camps for Muslims? 11/05 (J. Grant Swank, extremism, Islamophobia, interfaith)
Christian Extremist Pastors Pray for Death of Enemies Including President Obama  9/09 (extremism, Islamophobia, interfaith)
“Christian? Missionaries?” Bring Message of Hatred to Arab Festival  6/12
- “Christian? Missionaries?” Bring Message of Hatred to Arab Festival  6/12
Christmas as a “Secular American” Holiday?  1992 (interfaith)
Citizens for National Security and Rep. Allen West Bring Islamophobia to Congress 7/11
Civil Rights Organizations Welcome Federal Court Decision on Oklahoma Anti-Sharia Bill  1/12
Claim that all terrorists are Muslims ignores history  1/07
Colorado Shooting Highlights Double Standards on Defining Terrorism 7/12
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Cucumber “fatwa” seems to be only shoddy reporting  12/11

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The Danish Cartoons 2/06 updated 10/09
Darfur Sudan Emergency  7/04
Nonie Darwish Perfects Double Speak  8/10
Dawah in the Public Schools?  11/04 (Constitution, response)
Dear Mr. President, are we still within the bounds of reasonable discourse?  8/10
The Death of Aqsa Parvez Should Be an Interfaith Call to Action   12/07
Death to Islam Website and Robert Spencer  8/11
Debating Islamophobes Is a Waste of Time 6/12
Tom DeLay wants Rosie O’Donnel Fired   4/07
The Death Spasms of American Racism   11/08
Demeaning the term “hate crime” by jumping to conclusions 8/12
Desecration of Cemeteries is An Act of Barbarism  6/12
Disaster Response and the Death of the Ummah  10/05
DNC Platform amended to state Jerusalem is the capital of Israel? 9/12
Do Bible Verses on Rifle Scopes Represent Christianity? 1/10
Does Anyone Actually Listen to Phyllis Chessler’s Islamophobic Rantings? 4/08 (Islamophobia, response)
Does CAIR tell Muslims not to talk to the FBI? 10/12
Does God Demand the Ethnic Cleansing of the Palestinians?  1/08 (extremism, Islamophobia, interfaith)
Does Rep. Andre Carson Really Want to Turn Public Schools Into Madrassas?  7/12
Does Rep. Peter King’s IRA/Terrorist Connection Matter?  (double standards)  3/11
Does the most recent military scandal reflect a deeper problem? (urination video)  1/12
Don’t Confuse Islam and Muslims  1990
Dove World Outreach Christian Center Christmas Message “Hate to the World”  12/09 (extremism, Islamophobia, interfaith, response)
Dumbest Muslim Plot Ever (Muslim Demographics, Islamophobia, response) 11/09

Egypt’s non-violent jihad and the lurking military crocodile  2/11
Egypt:// Let freedom ring!  2/11
The Egyptian Election: How to Turn a Fact Into a Lie  6/12
The Egyptians should be in charge of Egypt’s future  2/11
Egypt’s Iron Wall of Shame  1/10
Eid Stamp Continues to Provoke Religious Right 11/05 (extremism, Islamophobia, interfaith, response)
The Elders, An Idea Whose Time Has Come 7/09
Abdullal El Faisal, Revolution Muslim, and Islamic Thinkers Society 1/10 (extremism, response)
Steven Emerson and the Investigative Project 3/11
Steven Emerson/MAS/Khalilah Sabra Incident  5/11
Mona Eltahawy Jumpstarts an Important Dialogue  4/12
The Evil Muslim Bus Driver Story That Wasn’t  4/08 (Islamophobia, response)
Existing reports and studies on radicalization in the American Muslim Community 3/11
Extremist Christians Produce Anti-Muslim Film Blame Jews 9/12

Fake Benjamin Franklin Anti-Semitic Prophecy Resurrected in Email  6/12
Joseph Farah and World Net Daily 12/03
Bosch Fawstin’s Graphic Novel “The Infidel”: A Waste of Talent  6/12
Federally Mandated National Day of Prayer Unconstitutional  4/10
Film Review:  Avatar as a Mythic Heroes Journey  1/10
Fiqh Council Resolves ‘Moon Fighting’ Issue in Muslim Community 8/06
Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association Wants to Deport American Muslims 4/10
FCNA Resolution: On Being Faithful Muslims and Loyal Americans  11/11
FITNA How Geert Wilders’ anti-Qur’an film can be made to benefit the Muslim community 2/08 — Geert Wilders Attempt to Provoke Fitna is Failing 3/08 (extremism, Islamophobia, response, propaganda)

Hugh Fitzgerald’s ‘Supermarket Tabloid’ Islamophobia is Showing 2/19/08 (propaganda, Islamophobia, response) 
Fjordman/Jensen “doesn’t want to be associated” with Breivik  8/11
Florida Family Association’s Anti-Muslim Campaign’s Unintended Positive Consequences  12/11
Former Navy Chaplain Prays for the Death of Those Who Disagree With Him  4/09 (extremism, Islamophobia, interfaith)
Former Muslims United Freedom Pledge Against Punishment for Apostasy a “Red Herring”  11/09 (propaganda, Islamophobia, response)
Fort Hood Shooting Tragedy Condemned by Muslims  11/09 (extremism, response)
Fort Hood Tragedy, Islam, and America  11/09 (extremism, response)
Four U.S. Soldiers Involved in Terror Plot 8/12
Free speech to counter hate speech - Dove World Outreach Center incident  8/09
Freedom of speech does not include freedom from condemnation of that speech 9/12
Thomas Friedman Makes a Valid Point 10/05 (Shia mosque bombing Iraq, extremism)
The Frieze of Prophet Muhammad in the U.S. Supreme Court Building 2/06
From darkness to darkness: response to anonymous poem  1992 (converts)

Brigitte Gabriel and ACT for America  3/11
Frank Gaffney and the Center for Security Policy 7/12
Frank Gaffney’s Center for Security Policy Sharia Report a Threat to American Ideals   9/10
Frank Gaffney’s Obsession with Sharia  3/11
Gallup report on American Muslims Raises Important Questions (American Muslim community leadership)  8/11
The Gathering for Justice - The Civil Rights Movement Is Not Dead 12/30/07
Dave Gaubatz and the “Muslim Mafia”  3/11
The Gaza Flotilla of Aid Boats Attacked by Israel  6/10
Caroline Glick and LATMA  1/12

- A tale of two bus ads  9/11
- Pamela Geller, “Allah” and “God”  7/12
- Geller and Spencer Fantasize About “Muslim Rapists” in Norway 7/11
- Geller and Spencer Turn Belgian Shooting Tragedy Into an Islamophobic Hate Fest  12/11
- Pamela Geller Discovers MEAC: a Non-Existent Muslim Organization  3/11
- Pamela Geller Discovers a “Stealth Jihad” Eid Celebration for Special Needs Kids  12/11
- Pamela Geller Does Not Understand Freedom of Speech 9/12
- Pamela Geller Event at Jewish Federation Cancelled  6/12
- Pamela Geller Gets Murfreesboro Mosque Story Wrong 6/12
- Pamela Geller:  Love or pathological hatred towards Muslims?  6/12
- Pamela Geller:  “Loving” Muslims With “Full Metal Jackets”  7/12
- Geller & Spencer attempt to turn Congressional race into a religious war  6/12
- Geller & Spencer Create “Muslim Cat Crucifixion” Lie to Inflame Hatred 9/12
- Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer Discover Muslim Vehicular Jihad Plot 7/11
- Pamela Geller & Robert Spencer Get NY Mosque Arson Story Wrong - updated   1/12
- Geller & Spencer Discover Non-Existent Arabic Jihad Plot  9/11
- Geller & Spencer’s reprehensible attack on Imam Qazwini  4/12
- Pamela Geller & Robert Spencer announce new anti-Islam ad 7/12
- Pamela Geller & Robert Spencer announce new “Islamorealism” anti-Islam ad 8/12
- Geller and Spencer’s Bus Ads: Of Savages and Idiots 8/12
- Pamela Geller & Robert Spencer discover “fireworks jihad” 8/12
- Pamela Geller & Robert Spencer Discover “Food Jihad” 7/12
Geller and Spencer Discover Judo Jihad? 8/12
- Geller, Spencer, & the Cordoba House: Fear and Loathing in New York  7/10
- Pamela Geller and auxiliary law enforcement for Muslims 6/11
- Pamela Geller and other Islamophobes need to learn how to do a “search” 6/12
- Geller & Spencer’s Human Rights Conference Another Anti-Muslim Hate Fest  5/12
Pamela Geller Attempts to Make a Point, Muslims Shrug 5/08 (Islamophobia, propaganda, response)
- Pamela Geller Discovers Taxi Drivers Anti-Porn Jihad Plot to Impose Sharia 7/11
- Pamela Geller Discovers a “Stealth Jihad” Eid Celebration for Special Needs Kids  12/11
- Pamela Geller Discovers Muslim Thanksgiving Turkey Plot  11/11
- Pamela Geller Discovers Shocking “Prom Jihad” Islamization of America 5/12
- Pamela Geller, Guide Dogs, and Genocide  4/12
- Pamela Geller Is Wrong About “Islamic Jew Hatred Commanded by the Qur’an”  6/12
- Pamela Geller May Regret Stirring Up a Hornet’s Nest of Bigotry  12/11
- Geller, Spencer, Schlussel, Muslims, and the TSA  7/12
- Pamela Geller’s False Claim that Muslims Curse Christians and Jews in Their Daily Prayers  11/10 (Surah Fatiha)
- Pamela Geller’s praise for the desecration of dead bodies is not “funny”  1/12
- Pamela Geller Recycles Old News to Malign All American Muslims  12/11
- Pamela Geller Turns Hollywood ShootingTragedy Into an Islamophobic Hate Fest  12/11
- Pamela Geller Uncovers Islamist/Leftist Goebbels-Style Propaganda Machine  7/11
- Pamela Geller: Urban Outfitters, Nike, and Burger King - one of these is not like the others   4/12
- Pamela Geller versus Harris Zafar: More Sound and Fury Signifying Nothing 7/12
- Pamela Geller’s Latest False “Blood Libel” Claim (attack on Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf)  9/11
- Pamela Geller’s Tenuous Grasp of the Concept of “Truth Telling”  9/11

German Circumcision Ban Effects Muslim and Jewish Communities  7/12
Mel Gibson, Jews and Muslims 4/07 (double standards)
The Goldstone Report, Reconciliation, and Peace 9/09 updated 1/10 (Palestine, Israeli lobby, Gaza)
Good News and Bad News for Muslims in 2007 12/07
The GOP Anti-Muslim Limbo:  How Low Can They Go?  3/11
GOP Anti-Muslim Limbo:  They’ve Lowered the Bar Again!  4/11
The GOP has declared war on American Muslims  11/11
GOP talking points: slavery, extermination, deportation, execution 10/12
Rev. Franklin Graham and Samaritan’s Purse  5/12
John Guandolo, terrorism “expert”  4/11
The Guantanamo “Suicides” Need to Be Investigated  1/10
Ambassador Gutman’s Remarks on anti-Semitism Misrepresented  12/11

Habeas Corpus, Gone But Not Forgotten 12/06
Haiti and the “Heartless” Muslims?  1/10
Hajj Experience  (personal story) 2005
Halloween, A Christian, American Holiday?  11/05 (response)
Hamas “Child Bride” Incident That Never Happened  10/09
Handshaking://  Islamophobes Need Class in Etiquette  12/11
Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Eid, Best Buy Snafu 11/09 (Islamophobia, response)
Harvard Jihad Speech Controversy 7/02
Hate rhetoric is escalating into violence 3/10
Charlie Hebdo Incident: An Example of Islamophobia or A Defense of Free Speech?  11/11
Hilali-Khan Qur’an Translation 2/06
Holocaust cartoon and hate speech double standards  9/09 (Geert Wilders. response)
Rep. Mike Honda Has Been There for American Muslims, We Need to Stand With Him 10/12
David Horowitz’ Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week, An Idea Whose Time Has Passed  5/08 (Islamophobia, propaganda, response)
David Horowitz and the Freedom Center  3/11
David Horowitz and Robert Spencer Justify Their Islamophobia by Claiming It Doesn’t Exist  9/11
[url=]How Hard Is It To Establish a Real Muslim Umbrella Organization?[