Anjem Choudary part of the Muslim Lunatic Fringe - updated 8/5/2015

Anjem Choudary part of the Muslim Lunatic Fringe

by Sheila Musaji

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Anjem Choudary/Islamic Thinkers “March for Sharia” Does Not Represent American Muslims

We have reported in the past about the fringe group(s) Revolution Muslim and the Islamic Thinkers Society who seem to share the same few members.  See Abdullal El Faisal, Revolution Muslim, and Islamic Thinkers Society, Muslim Day Parade Hijacked by Islamic Thinkers Society Extremists, and South Park Cartoon and the Muslim Lunatic Fringe.  These groups may be very small but they get a lot of press.

Although their “Sheikh” has been arrested, many of their members have been arrested, and one member, Zachary Chesser of Revolution Muslim who encouraged attacks on the South Park creators has been given 25 years in prison for using the internet to incite violence — this doesn’t seem to have discouraged these folks from continuing their insanity.  It has has been reported that they plan to bring Anjem Choudary to D.C. to lead a demonstration rallying Muslims to establish Sharia law across the United States. 

Choudary is the British nutcase from Al-Muhajirun and Muslims4UK that many Muslims have warned about (see list of articles below).  You can find many more responses to these sorts of individuals and groups here.  This “Imam” from Britain has in the past sent letters to the grieving families of fallen British soldiers, telling them he has “no sympathy whatsoever” for their plight, urging them instead to become Muslims to “save” themselves “from the hellfire”.  With this disgusting stunt he placed himself squarely in the same league as the “Reverend” Fred Phelps and his Westboro Baptist Church.

In 2008 Choudary launched his sickest rant yet as he branded Christmas “evil”. The Muslim fanatic shocked Christians and even those of his own faith by slamming the festival as “the pathway to hellfire”. And the hardline nut, 41, who recently praised the Mumbai terror massacre, urged all Muslims to reject traditional yuletide fun.

Muslims in Britain are totally fed up with Choudary and his organizations:  Muslim communities around the country have shunned al-Muhajiroun and its various entities for years and refused to give them a platform. Instead, they have to work through front organisations, hire private halls, set up high-street stalls or leaflet people with their poisonous little tracts. They are utterly marginal but are still able to generate huge coverage through provocation. Their recent barracking of British troops returning from Iraq and a counter mini-riot in Luton has poisoned relations in the town. The Muslim community of Luton, which had already chased them out of the mosques, has taken to chasing them off the streets too in a desperate bid to signal their utter disgust and consternation.  Anjem Choudary’s latest wheeze to incite the ire of the national press and to irritate the hell out of Britain’s Muslims as well as everyone else is to use a legal loophole to relaunch al-Muhajiroun this week, which had been disbanded in 2004. Only its successor groups, al-Ghurabaa and the Saviour Sect, were banned in 2006 under terrorism legislation. It seems fairly clear that Choudary expects, and indeed makes the calculation, that the reformed al-Muhajiroun will be banned pretty quickly to generate the notoriety and street-cred that he wants to sustain. As they play a propagandistic role, they will continue to find ways to dodge past legal restrictions by using coded language or forming new entities. The law is obviously a blunt and ineffectual tool. Yahya Birt

Choudary repeated his despicable “Christmas is evil” stunt in 2010. 

Sean Hannity wasted his viewers time with this marginal and crazed goon as if he was representative of anything except the lunatic fringe of Muslims.

These non-representatives of any religion like publicity, and sadly the media gives it to them. 

The success the protestors have had in attracting news coverage in the past and now only further encourages them to carry on and seek out additional new opportunities to inflame passions and stir up mischief. Would it not be a better strategy for our media not to give al-Muhajiroun airtime in order to frustrate their ignoble aims? And if the protestors resort to ever more ludicrous antics to try and gain attention and actually step over the line into breaking the law, then they can always be hauled before a court of law and prosecuted.    This course of action would require our media executives to adopt a more responsible and less sensationalist attitude, however. I am not convinced that they want to, though. Inayat Bunglawala

Now, Anjem Choudary says he is coming to the U.S. to hold a Sharia demonstration in front of the White House.  In November of 2009, he widely publicized a plan to hold exactly the same sort of “Sharia” demonstration in Britain which was cancelled due to lack of any interest on the part of the Muslim community.  And, I can’t imagine that he will have any more success here. 

Our sensationalist and irresponsible media has, in fact, been deeply complicit in the rise and rise of this fanatic, devoting quite disproportionate and counter-productive coverage to his various rantings. Is Choudary an Islamic scholar whose views merit attention or consideration? No. Has he studied under leading Islamic scholars? Nope. Does he have any Islamic qualifications or credentials? None whatsoever. So what gives him the right to pontificate on Islam, British Muslims or “the hellfire”? Or proclaim himself a “sharia judge”? Will he even manage to round up enough misfits to carry the 500 coffins with him? I doubt it – Choudary and co couldn’t even persuade enough people to join a “march for sharia” that they had proudly planned to hold in central London in late October, and, at the very last minute, had to humiliatingly withdraw from their own rally. Pathetic, eh?  Mehdi Hasan

What most puzzles me is how such a person could be allowed entry into the U.S.?  The Muslims4UK group has been banned in Britain, and Choudary has been open in his statements.  Adam Serwer has noted that much of the press given to Choudary is simply sensationalism:  The airtime Fox gives to Anjem Choudary, a British citizen who draws attention to himself by loudly praising terrorists, is a perfect example. Yesterday Fox News brought Choudary on to promote his planned rally for sharia law in front of the White House, which, like, five people in the U.S. would have heard of otherwise.    Choudary is, of course, perfect Fox News fodder, because he’s a cartoonish buffoon who can be counted on to confirm every stereotype about Islam and Muslims, and who provides the hosts with an opportunity to lecture him about how great America is and how his scheme will never succeed. Sean Hannity brought him on during the uprising in Egypt, presumably as some sort of “expert,” promoting the segment with this warning that Choudary “thinks the extremist group known as the Muslim brotherhood will likely rise to power in Cairo.” Hannity then proceeded to lecture Choudary on the greatness of freedom and America, while Choudary insisted that the world would someday be governed by Sharia law.

The Daily Caller did an interview with Choudary in which he said:  The 3rd of March is the 87th anniversary of the destruction of the Ottoman Empire. It was the last time that Sharia was implemented in this world and that makes it a perfect time to call for Sharia to be re-implemented. I understand that one can have a static demonstration on Pennsylvania Avenue without any permission, as part of your First Amendment and freedom of religion and to protest. I don’t envision any problems.

I hope that Choudary is not allowed into the U.S.  I hope that Revolution Muslim and/or the Islamic Thinkers Society develop clearer understanding of Islam and realize that what they are doing is wrong.  I hope no one gives these folks a permit for this “demonstration”.  Since Choudary said in the Daily Caller interview that he planned on carrying out this demonstration without a permit, then if they break any laws at all, I hope that they are arrested.

The bizarre behavior and comments of these folks raises a lot of questions in my mind.  I can’t help but wonder what is the motivation for these individuals and groups?  Who is supporting them, and why?  Who do they actually represent?  Are they simply lunatics?  And, no matter what reasons they give for the timing of this “event”, doesn’t it seem strange that it alligns so well with the upcoming “American Muslim Radicalization” hearings, and all the anti-Sharia bills in states across the country?  Actually, if Rep. King wants to know about radicalized Muslims, here they are.

In an article American Muslims Must Defend the Constitution of the U.S., I said:

America is a secular and democratic nation with a clearly marked wall between church and state (thank God!).  One of the reasons America has been a beacon to the world is the freedom that all Americans have to practice any (or no) religion.  As an American Muslim I don’t believe that America can be defined as anything but a secular democracy (secular meaning neutral towards religion, not devoid of religion or hostile to religion) in which all religions are free to worship.   

I don’t want to see Shariah, or Biblical law, or any other religious law replace the Constitution, and I don’t want to see any kind of a theocracy in place based on any religion.  I agree with Rabbi Arthur Waskow that “When those who claim their path alone bespeaks God’s Will control the State to enforce their will as God’s, it is God Who suffers.”  ... 

The Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights (first ten amendments to the Constitution) are the foundation of this country.  They represent the ideal of America.  America is a multi-cultural, multi-racial, multi-religious, multi-ethnic nation.  That’s a fact.  Members of many religious groups, races, nationalities, etc. are equally Americans, and none of them are going anywhere.  We are all in this together, and as Americans are all protected by the Constitution and Bill of Rights of the United States.  That is fortunate, and something we must all work together to protect, as it is obvious that some among us just ‘don’t get it’.  It is obvious that our religious communities differ from each other, and that each of us feels called to observe their own faith.  It should be possible to do this while recognizing that we do hold many values in common, and that we can build on these in order to work together for the common good.  We can be good Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Jews, etc. and also be fellow citizens of this great nation. 

... It is often stated by bigots that American Muslims are some sort of a fifth colum in this country just waiting to implement Shariah law and destroy the Constitution.  Actually most American Muslims are only too aware of the freedoms they have in America.  I am sure that there may be some such deranged Muslims who would like to see the wall of separation come down, and they should either go back where they came from if they are immigrants, or if they were born here, they should make hijra (emigrate) to a predominantly Muslim country.  Whatever thought process, or lack thereof that these Muslims are following to come to this conclusion is deeply flawed, not only on an Islamic basis, but also on a common sense basis.  If you are 1% of the population of the nation, and you are claiming that your goal is to “fly an Islamic flag from the Whitehouse” or to “replace the Constitution with Sharia law”, that is like waving a red cloth in front of 100 angry bulls.  It is ridiculous, foolhardy, and dangerous, not just for yourself but for the entire Muslim community who will inevitably be accused of secretly sharing your view and will bear the brunt of any backlash resulting from your words or actions.  Only a desire for self-destruction could lead a person not to see that the Constitution of the U.S. is the only thing protecting the Muslim community as well as any other minority community.  If these Muslims stay here and continue with this sort of rhetoric, they will be resisted by all patriotic Americans.  However, they are not the only ones who ‘don’t get it’.

I believe that my feelings about America and Islam are the feelings of a majority of American, and for that matter British Muslims.  Anjem Choudary, Revolution Muslim, and the Islamic Thinkers Society don’t represent anyone but themselves.

I have just been sent a news report which says that Rep. Sue Myrick has sent a letter to the US Department of State and the Department of Homeland Security asking the agencies to deny the visa application for Anjem Choudary, an outspoken, anti-American cleric, and the applications of his associates.  I never thought that I would agree with Sue Myrick about anything, but in this case she is right.

UPDATE:  Robert Spencer posted an article Jihadists flout UK’s hate speech laws in which he refers his readers to an Evening Standard article about Anjem Choudary of the Muslim lunatic fringe in Britain. Spencer inserts his own comment in the middle of the reprint of this article in which he says Imagine what the response would be from Muslims in America if I had said something like, “There are three types of Muslims, those in prison, those of us that are on our way [to prison] and non-practising Muslims.” Yet Ibrahim Hooper, Sheila Musaji, Bob Crane, and MSA chapters all over the country seem to be far angrier with me than they are with Anjem Chaudary. Now, why is that?  Spencer obviously needs to do some reading on Muslim sites to see just how disgusted most Muslims are with both the Islamophobes and the Muslim lunatic fringe like Choudary.

UPDATES 3/3/2011

Update 1  Zuhdi Jasser issued a statement against this proposed rally which included this:  AIFD stands in support of groups like Move America Forward and the Liberty Alliance who will rally on March 3 against shariah and the Islamic State.  According to Fox News, Jasser’s ... American Islamic Forum for Democracy (AIFD) ... will be joining a counter press conference lead (sic) by the Center for Security Policy Thursday and is calling on “all people of conscience to counter these ideas and demonstrate the fact that these are the very ideas that radicalize Muslims.”  ...  The Dove World Outreach Center led by Pastor Terry Jones also will be hosting a counter demonstration.

If AIFD, Move America Forward, Liberty Alliance, the Center for Security Policy, Dove World Outreach, etc. do show up for their counter protest, there will be no one else there.  As we have been saying since the beginning, this “March for Sharia” was all hot air from a few marginal, publicity hungry idiots. 

Choudary, and the Islamic Thinkers Society, useful idiots that they are have actually created a website called “Shariah4America” to display their crazy rantings.  Today they posted a message from Anjem Choudary saying that the planned demonstration has been “postponed”.  This announcement takes the form of a 13 minute video by Choudary droning on and on. 

The bottom line is that there will be no “March for Sharia” and Choudary and company have simply found one more way to gain publicity.  This was all a hoax from day one.  The truth is that the American Muslim community was not interested in this nonsense, and Choudary and ITS couldn’t find any supporters outside of their small group.

It will be very interesting to see exactly who does show up in Washington, D.C. today. 

Update 2 Well, the protestors against the “March for Sharia” did show up in front of the White House and there was no one there to protest against.

However, Ryan J. Reilly reports that a Muslim man who showed up to pray in front of the White House was quickly surrounded by a large group of protestors who shouted an array of insults at him: mocking him for drinking Starbucks coffee, telling him to go back to his country and even throwing tiny crosses at his feet as he prayed. I captured the scene in the video below. ... He’s still worshipping as I write this, but the anti-Sharia crowd is beginning to thin out. A police officer on the scene told me the man showed up to pray at the White House every couple days.

Watch the video, people chanting “Jesus”, “Jesus”, “Jesus” and acting like barbaric bigots while insulting a Muslim man who has nothing to do with Anjem Choudary’s crowd.  There is another, longer video of this event here in which you can see Randall Terry telling the Rev. Terry Jones that he shouldn’t have blinked on the Burn the Qur’an day, and Jones saying he plans to hold an “International Judge the Koran” event on March 20th.

And, just in case you think this sort of behavior is some sort of aberration, please see Orange County 2011 or Germany 1933? with video of another group of anti-Muslim protestors engaging in much more extreme behavior.

And see this video from a demonstration against the Park51 comunity center in NYC where a man walks through the crowd at the Ground Zero protest and is mistaken as a Muslim. The crowd turns on him and confronts him. The man in the blue hard hat calls him a coward and tries to fight him. The tall man who I think was one of the organizers tried to get between the two men. 

Also see our TAM collection of statements by Christian extremists - Christian Brotherly Love Difficult For Some To Attain 

UPDATE 3/4/2011

Today Pamela Geller published a disclaimer stating that she and her organization had nothing to do with this demonstration. 


UPDATE 4/19/2011 - Choudary and the Muslims Against Crusades Royal Wedding Protest

Choudary has started yet another crazy organization Muslims Against Crusades (MAC) and plans to protest the upcoming wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton on April 29th.  They have set up a disgusting website with visuals of burning British flags and irrational statements.  Their rambling statement about the planned protest ends with a veiled threat

We strongly advise Prince William and his Nazi sympathiser, to withdraw from the crusader British military and give up all affiliation to the tyrannical British Empire.

We promise that should they refuse, then the day which the nation has been dreaming of for so long will become a nightmare and that it will inshaa’allah (God willing) eclipse the protests in Barking, Downing Street and the events of November 11.

And, the Guardian reports that the mirror image of this group, the racist English Defense League (EDL) has also applied for a counter-protest permit.

ABC has just reported that Scotland Yard has turned down their request for a protest permit.  The article says that Choudary says that they will protest anyway.

The Daily Mail had previously reported Choudary as saying

Choudary said: ‘All Muslims should stay away from the public gatherings like the Royal wedding and the Olympics because there is a very high likelihood of an attack.

‘Prime targets most probably would be public gatherings like that, so I think Muslims in general should stay away to avoid injury.

‘Maybe when the priest says “is there anyone who objects to this wedding speak now or forever hold your tongue” - who knows what will happen at that time?

‘If my brothers decide to use the opportunity when the world is looking at the Royal Family to pass a message so that we can avoid more deaths of innocent men, women and children in Afghanistan, that should be applauded.

‘Prince William has been on military duty in Afghanistan, as well as his brother.
‘I believe that the Queen and her children are supportive of the war in Afghanistan, which translates to us as a war against Muslims.’

This sounds like a direct threat, and it seems that it should qualify as a reason to arrest Choudary.  I pray that Choudary and his goons stay home.  I don’t understand why these people are staying in a country which they obviously have no love for. 

I hope that the British Muslim community puts pressure to bear on them to stop this sort of behavior.  I also hope that if they decide to protest without a permit, that they are arrested.


UPDATE 4/30/2011

As we suspected, this was just another publicity stunt by Choudary.  Islamophobia Watch reports that Choudary called off his royal wedding stunt on April 28th, the day before the wedding.

So anyone with half a brain could work out that the threat of a MAC protest against the royal wedding was just another publicity stunt by Choudary which would not actually take place. Yet the 17 April issue of the Sunday Express carried a front page report on Muslims Against the Crusades with the banner headline “Make their wedding a nightmare” and devoted fully three pages to reporting on Choudary’s tiny and unrepresentative band of supporters.

You do feel that Richard Desmond, Rupert Murdoch and other right-wing media owners should consider putting Choudary on a retainer in recognition of the service he provides in assisting their campaign to demonise the Muslim community.

UPDATE 7/14/2011

Asharq Al-Awsat reports that Anjem Choudary is now calling for the Waltham Forest area of London to become a Sharia zone where Sharia Law will be enforced by Sharia police.  No gambling, no smoking, no drinking, no gender mixing,  etc. 

Chaudary obviously needs a lesson in Sharia so that he would understand that one basic principle is that you must obey the laws of the country in which you live.

Whatever is the current name of his organization, they should change it to Al-Looney-Tunes!

UPDATE 9/6/2011

Choudary just can’t keep his insane bigotry to himself.  Now he and his “Muslims Against Crusades” group plan on disrupting a London memorial service for the victims of 9/11.  They say they “will make as much noise as possible during the planned mark of respect (moment of silence) for the dead.”

Truly disgusting behavior, and not only not Islamic, but not civilized, and not even human.

Sadly, he and his crazy followers have freedom of speech, and can’t be arrested or deported for expressing their disgusting views.  I hope the London police watch their every move and find them breaking some archaic law that is still on the books and arrest them for that.  Maybe spitting on the sidewalk, or ???

UPDATE 11/6/2011

Anjem Choudary sent out this Twitter about the Charlie Hebdo incident in France Those who want to support the publication of “Charlie Hebdo” who insulted the Messenger Muhammad (saw) must take lessons from Theo Van Gogh!

This is disgusting, and shameful.  And, once again, I’m puzzled about when exactly an individual has crossed the line of advocating violence according to the law.  This message seems to have crossed that line. 

Not one to let any opportunity to insult his adopted country, or Islam, Choudary and his goons plan on disrupting Remembrance Sunday in Britain on November 13th.  As Ali Amla points out

These individuals, an extreme minority with a handful of members, tarnish the reputation of Muslims and bring Islam into disrepute with their ever provocative, publicity-seeking antics.

I must say that I am tired of the volume of coverage given to Anjem Choudary by sections of the British media.

MAC do not represent the majority of Muslims living in this country, yet they enjoy unparalleled coverage in our media and their actions and sound bytes become the prism through which Muslims are demonised in our press.

The symbiotic relationship between the media and MAC reduces Muslim life and experience in the UK to the often provocative and offensive behaviour of this particular group.

It serves to reinforce the perception that British Muslims are a ‘fifth column’.

As Muslims, we need to reclaim our voice by challenging the media’s obsession with MAC and putting forward our most eloquent members as media spokespersons.

We need to say “enough is enough”, the vilification of Islam and Muslims by sections of the British media must stop and its negative impact on social cohesion and community relations must be acknowledged and reversed.

As Muslims, we all have a role to play in reclaiming our representation in the British media, and challenging those occasions where the media inaccurately or unfairly portrays Islam and British Muslim life.

Change will not happen unless we become actively engaged. Here, I cannot emphasise enough the importance of media monitoring, both local and national media, and challenging misrepresentation wherever it is found.

In the run up to Remembrance Sunday many of us will proudly wear a red poppy, sold by the volunteers of the British Legion, to remind us of the great sacrifice of all those who lost their lives in the two Great Wars.

We at ENGAGE would like to encourage Muslims to wear the poppy, be it red or white, in remembrance of the many hundreds of thousands who died.

Every year, around this time, the media will use the publicity stunts dreamt up by MAC to cast Muslims as outsiders; unwilling to adhere to national traditions, such as observing the minute of silence on Remembrance Sunday.

I regularly hear and read comments that suggest that Muslims have never made sacrifices for our freedoms or that Muslims in this country are trying to curtail our freedoms.

To such naysayers, I would point out the example of Khudadad Khan, a Muslim sephoy from Jhelum and the first Indian Muslim to receive the Victoria Cross.

There are numerous other examples, many of them captured in the BBC programme broadcast last year on ‘The Muslim Tommies’ and in the Muslim Council of Britain’s publication, ‘Remembering the Brave: The Muslim contribution to. Britain’s Armed Forces’.

This is a fascinating, but often forgotten history. It should serve to remind us as we mark the lives of all those killed in the two world wars, that Muslims are embedded in the social fabric of British history, past and present.

Let us do our duty this year and remember the fallen, all of them, by wearing the poppy and attending Remembrance Sunday services in our local communities.

It seems like all of this would be “enough said”, but it doesn’t seem as if anything short of deportation will shut Choudary up.

UPDATE 11/12/11

The home secretary in Britain is banning Muslims Against Crusades (MAC), a group that planned an anti-Armistice Day protest.  According to the BBC

“Theresa May’s order will make membership or support of MAC a criminal offence. It is closely linked to seven other previously-banned groups. 

...  Mrs May said she was satisfied that Muslims Against Crusades (MAC) was “simply another name for an organisation already proscribed under a number of names”.

“The organisation was proscribed in 2006 for glorifying terrorism and we are clear it should not be able to continue these activities by simply changing its name,” she said.

Muslims Against Crusades is the latest incarnation of an organisation originally set up by extremist preacher Omar Bakri Mohammed, who fled the UK six years ago.

Anjem Choudary, the leading public figure in the organisation, accused the government of attempting to cover up the truth - but hours later the group declared that it was “hearby dissolved”.

The planned “Hell for Heroes” demonstration was also scrapped.

Anyone who would have joined the demonstration as a member or supporter of MAC could face up to 10 years in jail.

Individuals can be charged with an offence if police have reasonable suspicion that activities are linked to a banned group.

In a statement on its website, MAC said: “The intended banning of Muslims Against Crusades by Home Secretary Theresa May is a great victory for Islam and Muslims and highlights the sheer hatred the British government has towards sincere Muslims who wish to peacefully speak out against policies that are (from every angle) anti-Islam and anti-Muslim.”

The MAC statement is nonsense, they are the haters in this case.  There was a lot of activity yesterday, not only was MAC banned, but a number of raids were carried out not only of MAC entities, but also their mirror image of hate the EDL - both of whom had planned poppy burning events.  Choudary’s home was one of the locations raided.

An interesting point was made in the New Statesman by Steven Baxter ...  the headlines and the outrage are the aim, and that has now been achieved. Muslims Against Crusades will be in your newspaper today, on the eleventh day of the eleventh month.  You get the sense that the likes of MAC don’t even burn poppies because they want to burn poppies, or talk about marching through Wootton Bassett because they want to march through Wootton Bassett: they’re simply picking the totems that will cause the greatest amount of outrage and upset possible.  ...  That a few poppy-burning nitwits could manage to garner more coverage than many more Muslims going out to collect for the British Legion, for example, says something about how our priorities have become skewed. We seek out the challenging, the outrageous, the relentlessly controversial, often at the expense of the reasonable, the community-minded, the positive. And I think that’s a shame.

UPDATE 3/30/2012

Choudary hasn’t given up on his idea of Sharia zones.  It has been reported that

The 44-year-old firebrand hopes to roll out the scheme to high-density Muslim areas across Britain such as Luton in Bedfordshire, Bradford and Dewsbury in West Yorkshire, and Whitechapel in London’s East End, as well as Southall in west London and parts of the West Midlands.

Last night he said: “In these ‘Emirates’, these Islamic enclaves, we are going to start implementing our own neighbourhood watch, our own police.

“We will not stop and search you but we will be able to perform citizens’ arrests. We want to protect Muslims and their property. It will be like a Neighbourhood Watch scheme but on a larger scale. We want to police ourselves.


UPDATE 4/10/2012

I was just sent a link to a video which is of a demonstration by Anjem Choudary and his group in England.  After watching this video, I truly don’t understand why Choudary and all of those with him do not lose their British citizenship.  I am disgusted by the attitude and behavior seen in this video.

At one point in this video, the non-Muslim British woman who is asking questions of members of this rowdy group asks one man “doesn’t Islam require that you respect the laws of the country in which you live?”  And, the man responds, “no, Islam doesn’t teach that”.  Actually, it does, and Muslim scholars and community leaders need to work to re-educate these people.

If that can’t be done, then they are a danger to society.  This is treason.

UPDATE 7/29/2012

Choudary and other members of the Lunatic fringe planned an anti-Olympics demonstration, but ultimately were forbidden to carry it out.  The Chicago Tribune reported that the group planned to stage a protest outside the opening ceremony.  “The group has set up a website,, which has the tagline “While the world plays, Muslims are being killed around the globe”.”  The Daily Mail reported that the police had told the group that they would be arrested if they carried out the protest, and so they decided to call off the protest.  They did say they plan other disruptions during the Olympics.  What a bunch of losers.

UPDATE 6/17/2013

The Sun newspaper in Britain has published Mad mullered: Pics expose hate preacher as boozing party animal with lots of photos of Choudary before he began preaching an extremist interpretation of Islam.

Curiously, Choudary who was not embarrassed (and should have been) by the fact coming out that he (a perfectly healthy, educated man) lives off of public aid, is embarrassed by these photos.  In fact, when the public aid story came out, Choudary showed his total lack of understanding of what Sharia actually says about the responsibility of citizens by encouraging his followers to also take public aid which he called “jihad-seekers allowance”.

In a follow up story to the one in which they published the photos, The Sun reports:

DESPERATE hate preacher Anjem Choudary yesterday claimed snaps of him boozing and laughing at a soft-porn mag were FAKED.  ...  Embarrassed Choudary, 46, begged followers to get the pics taken off the internet and even whined on Twitter: “The Sun have resorted to using photoshop to invent stories!”

This is exactly what Choudary deserves.  The Muslim lunatic fringe, just like the Islamophobic lunatic fringe both need to be ridiculed and publicly shamed for their disgraceful and hypocritical views.  Chaudary and his ilk have been humiliating the mainstream Muslim community for years, so I have no sympathy for him at all.

UPDATE 6/27/2013

See How do we solve a problem like Anjem Choudary and Islamic Emergency Defence? for info about Choudary’s latest project, the “Islamic”? Emergency Defence (IED). 

UPDATE 12/22/2013

Choudary is once again in the news.  For some inexplicable reason, the BBC chose to give Choudary time to spew his venom in a lengthy 12-minute interview on the extremely popular Today program in Britain.  This is not the first time that the media has focused on such marginal lunatic fringe figures, but what is a first is the level of protest and backlash coming from the Muslim community.  My Facebook and Twitter pages were full of angry comments from Muslims. 

There is a new Facebook page titled “Say no to Anjem Choudary”.  Here is the statement of purpose from that page:

NO MORE MEDIA PUBLICITY for ANJEM CHOUDARY!  Publicity is what he needs; it’s what he keeps being given. Not in our name. Not any more.

WE, the greater “we” that is civil society, are not against free speech, nor are we against the media’s important job of exploring thorny issues. But flagship coverage given to one vile, anti-democratic, anti-British individual who has been rejected and denied a platform by every established community mosque MUST END.

From across every quarter, from ordinary homes and community mosques… from local to national organisations… from across Muslim groups to other faith groups, mixed faith and no-faith… from different generations and ethnicities, we will make our voice of objection stronger than ever before.

Consider this. How do you…
• Seriously damage community relations and cause maximum offence to the sensibilities and values of the vast majority of British people??

• Generate deep suspicion and anxiety of Islam and Muslims in all the wrong ways??

• Generate widespread coverage of media-stunt after media-stunt (poppy burning, funeral disruption, stickers pointing to some ‘Sharia Zone’, so called Islamic courts, mock conferences praising terrorists – to name a few) for the SAME SMALL BUNCH of hate stirrers??

• Take a rich heritage of culture and scholarship and turn it into nasty, ugly, unrepresentative sound bytes??

• Cause deep damage to the image of Islam and its blessed Prophet, to democratic participation, to media engagement, and yet also boost recruitment for the far right… in one sweeping stroke??

You do this damage and more by giving Anjem Choudary prime airtime on national TV or radio and prominent space in national newspapers. Premium flagship coverage!!

Anjem Choudary always gets the better of media presenters and journalists (he always will), who constantly fall for his game, hook line & sinker. He laughs in our face each time. His poison operates just within the limits of law. The only gain to come out of it is HATE in different corners, and deepening mistrust of anything “Muslim”. We allow this… then do it again. And again.
No more oxygen of publicity for Anjem Choudary (and his like). Not in our name. Enough. Be gone!

[This facebook page was launched on 12/20/13 when, on the morning after the verdict of Lee Rigby’s murder, Anjem Choudary was given prime time on BBC Radio 4’s flagship Today programme. He dictated the session and was referred to as “a leader of your community; some parts of your community”.]

If you haven’t already done so, please like the Say No to Anjem Choudary Facebook page.

There is a whole series of short videos are showing up on YouTube titled “Anjem Choudary does not represent me” (see here and here and here.

Typical comments from mainstream Muslims:

... “Mr Choudary is a self-serving publicity seeker and the BBC was unwise to give him so much airtime, unchallenged.  He relies on the oxygen of publicity to influence impressionable young people at the margins of society.  It is unfortunate that Lord Carlile feels the mainstream Muslim community is not doing enough to condemn Mr Choudary’s views, but if this morning’s Today programme is anything to go by, our community remains voiceless compared to the coverage Mr Choudary enjoys.”  Spokesman from the Muslim Council of Britain

... In a paradoxical way, the media can act as a gatekeeper for helping extremists spread their message to a wider platform. We saw this happen with the BBC fascination with the former leader of the English Defence League Tommy Robinson. The risk is if we continue to provide a platform for people like Choudary and extremists from the EDL all we are doing is providing the mood music by which people can dance too the tunes they set. Terrorism is a disease and we need to find a cure for it, but we need to start this process by engaging with serious people who can make a difference to the counter extremist narrative and not invite the likes of Choudary or organisations such as Quilliam who do not speak for British Muslims.” Imran Awan


Hope Not Hate in Great Britain has issued a 60 page report by Nick Lowles and Joe Mulhall titled “Gateway to Terror: Anjem Choudary and the al-Muhajiroun Network”.  You can read the report on the Hope Not Hate site HERE

H.A. Hellyer has written Charlatans and fakes: who represents British Muslims?.  This is an excellent overview of Choudary, Al-Muhajiroun and all of these fringe publicity seeking groups.

UPDATE 9/25/2014

Anjem Choudary and 8 other extremists have been arrested in London.  Muslims have been speaking out against the extremism of Choudary for a long time.  It’s about time that he was put behind bars. 

See:  Anjem Choudary Arrested, John Sargeant  — Anjem Choudary held in London terror raids — Also type Anjem Choudary and lunatic fringe into the TAM search engine for hundreds of articles about Choudary and others among this lunatic fringe.

UPDATE 3/4/2015

Anjem Choudary Tells Muslims Not To Vote At Faceoff With EDL And Britain First.

UPDATE 5/7/2015

The recent shooting in Garland, Texas at Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer’s AFDI “Draw Muhammad Cartoon Contest” is bringing out the lunatics from both sides of the spectrum.  Sean Hannity brought together two individuals representing mirror images of blind hatred, extremism, and bigotry - Anjem Choudary (the Muslim Pamela Geller) and Pamela Geller (the Jewish Anjem Choudary).  Libby Watson reports Hannity Provides Platform For Anti-Muslim Pam Geller And Extremist Anjem Choudary To Debate].  She said that Hannity “disingenuously created a false dichotomy with two extreme figures in a debate on Islam and free speech.” Both Choudary and Geller are dangerous, and why they would be given such a platform is puzzling. 

Scott Eric Kaufmann reported The caricature of free speech advocacy and the caricature of radical Islam engaged in verbal fisticuffs.  The SPLC reported Sean Hannity Holds Absurd Debate Between Bigots Pam Geller and Anjem Choudary in which they noted: ”... The mainstreaming of hate is a very dangerous thing that has very real consequences and Hannity and Fox News should be taken to task for this move. No matter how either figure fared on prime time last night, the fact remains that both Geller and Choudary represent two sides of the same racist coin and giving these figures a platform to express their bigoted views tarnishes efforts to build a more inclusive democracy. ...”  (See also: Hannity Hosts Debate Between Two Extremists: Geller And Choudary, Perfect Storm of Anti-Islam hype as Choudary, Geller and Hannity appear on Fox )

I agree with the Religious Reader Garland shooting: why we must reject extremists on both sides.  Why would any reasonable person allow these two extremists to spread their hateful messages?  Why allow them to exploit freedom of speech to spread their hate?  As John L. Esposito wrote in Freedom of Speech or a Social Cancer that Must Be Eradicated?:

... Freedom of speech is one of our most cherished American values but so to is freedom of religion​.​ ​Those who exploit freedom of speech, whether they be Muslim extremists or the Pam Gellers and Geert Wilders of our world, should be seen and denounced for who they really are—preachers of hate and intolerance.

Jim Crow and anti-Semitic era “cartoons” make us shudder today. They and Muhammad cartoons are protected speech, but do they strengthen our freedom as a country or are they a symptom of a disease we must work to irradiate?

The voices that should be amplified are those calling for reason, dialogue, and peace - many of whom can be found in the collection of articles American Muslims Respond to Attack on Anti-Islam Event in Texas

UPDATE 8/5/2015

According to The Guardian, Anjem Choudary and one of his followers have been arrested in London.  “Radical cleric Anjem Choudary has been charged with encouraging support for Islamic State, Scotland Yard has said.”




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