American Muslims Condemn the London Plot

American Muslims Condemn the London Plot

Dallas, Texas. Friday, July 6, 2007. The bombing at Glasgow and attempted bombing last week in London are unequivocally condemned. Redress of grievances of any kind through terrorism is not only uncivilized but patently un-Islamic.

Some Muslim physicians from Middle-East and India have been accused and arrested. It is an abomination for any one to hurt innocent lives. It is especially egregious for physicians, whose obligation is to save lives, instead of destroying innocent lives that happen to be in the vicinity of their bombs.

Terrorism is condemnable irrespective of nationality or religion of the perpetrators. It is particularly painful to us as Muslims when Muslims are involved in such dastardly acts; our condemnation becomes even stronger.

We urge that after due process, those involved be treated as criminals and murderers that they are. They should be prosecuted and punished as they deserve. Please do not give them a religious label, as it diffuses the focus from criminality of few to many who have no part is such dastardly acts. We urge Muslims to be vigilant and help the authorities to prevent such evil acts that not only injure humanity, but do even more injury to the moral ethos of Islam.

World Muslim Congress