Ally, Shabir

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Brother Shabir Ally is currently the President of the Islamic Information and Dawah Centre International,Toronto,Canada.
He is a former student of Dr. Jamal Badawi, professor of economics at St. MaryҒs University in Nova Scotia, Canada, who is considered the prominent Muslim debater dealing in Christianity. Like Dr. Jamal Badawi, Brother Shabir Ally is also an accomplished and experienced debater for Islam.
He is presently pursuing a degree in Religious Studies in the area of comparative religion.
He is the author of numerous booklets and articles on Islam and comparative religion.
He has held debates with figures such as Tony Costa, Robert Morey, Sam Shamoun, Dr. Peter Atkins, Prof. Kenneth Howkins, Rev. Bill Musk and many more.
He frequently delivers talks on Islam and comparative religion across Canada, United States and the United Kingdom.
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Postal Address : President Islamic Information and Dawah Centre International 957 Dovercourt Road, Toronto, Ontario M6H 2X6, Canada.
Tel (Res.): 536 8433 Fax: 516 1543
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