Ali, Wajahat

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Wajahat Ali (playwright) is a Muslim American of Pakistani descent who is neither a terrorist nor a saint. The Domestic Crusaders is his first play. Born and raised in the Fremont Bay Area, he has been writing, producing and directing plays, films, and sketches since he was a child, enlisting his friends to be actors and crew. He performed stand-up comedy while attending the University of California, Berkeley. In Fall, 2001, during his undergraduate studies there, he hesitantly began writing The Domestic Crusaders in order to pass a 20 page short story assignment due for a writing class taught by Ishmael Reed, and with his encouragement, transformed the piece into a full length play. In addition to just completing his first year as a law student at the University of California, Davis, he is currently mapping out a two-part prequel/sequel of The Domestic Crusaders. Wajahat Ali has managed to write one fictional family’s story that, with a mixture of humor and tragedy, removes cherished stereotypical assumptions and underlines the complications of living in today’s world.
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