Ali, Luqman

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Luqman Ali is the artistic director of Khayaal Theatre company based in Luton. He trained in the sciences of Islam and the languages (Arabic, Persian and Urdu) and cultures of the Middle East and the Indian Sub-continent. Mr Ali spent a decade working as a linguist, writer and translator for various publishing houses in both the USA and the UK. Since most of his life has been exposed to the culture and arts of the Muslim world, he has a deep understanding of its ethos and literature. In 1997, Mr Ali took the bold step of co-founding Khayaal, the first professional theatre company of its kind offering audiences a fascinating experience of classic Muslim world culture through contemporary art forms. He has adapted, co-directed and produced Khayaal’s award-winning debut production, Conference of the Birds. Mr Ali has since pioneered the dramatic interpretation of tales from across the Muslim world. He continues to serve as Khayaal’s chief conceptualist, artistic director and advocate. Although African American by birth, Mr Ali has been based in the UK since 1986. Through his work as a community worker, teacher and lecturer, he has become intimately aware and involved in the affairs of the British Muslim community.