Al Aqsa in Danger?

Attack on Al Aqsa Will Not Go By Quietly,7340,L-3070061,00.html

Division or Demolition of Al Aqsa Mosque?

Fears Israeli Extremists May Attack al Aqsa Mosque

Iran Warns Against Attack on Al Aqsa

Islamic Leader Recruits Al Aqsa Defenders,7340,L-3069486,00.html

Israel Seals Flashpoint Mosque 

Israel Seals Off Shrine, Foils Protest March

Israeli’s Keep Protestors Out of Holy Site 

Jewish Extremists Make Strength Known

Jews Who Planned to Demonstrate Arrested

Jordan’s King Warns Against Harming Al Aqsa

Muslim-Jewish Clash Avoided,5478,12817651%255E1702,00.html

Muslims Gather to Defend Holy Site 

Palestinian Authority Warns Against Al Aqsa Attack

Rally By Israeli Rightists Foiled 


Religious Law Has Been Breached on the Mount

Senior Hamas Leader Arrested for Illegal Entry to Temple Mount

Settlements Unsettlement

Shaikh of al Azhar Warns Against Al Aqsa March

Thousands of Israeli Police Confront Jewish Extremists 

Why is this such a concern?  Because this protest is only the first act in what might possibly lead to a fourth world war brought on by extremist.  The following articles may help to make this strange apocalyptic thinking a little more clear.

Abraham’s Children Fight in the City of His Tomb

Apocalyptic Radicalism and Religion

Apocalypticism Explained

Ariel Sharon: Messenger of Messianic Apocalypse

Armageddon Lobby

Behold the Rapture

Bush’s Armageddon Obsession, Michael O Hill

Christian and Jewish Beliefs Regarding the Return of the Messiah and Plots Against Masjid al-Aqsa, Alia Amer,

Christian Zionists and the Second Coming, Donald Wagner,

DeLay Says Judea and Samaria (West Bank) Belong to Israel

Evangelicals Financing Immigrant Settlements in Israel

Evangelicals Stir New Animosity Towards Islam,

Evangelicals and Jews Together, Rod Dreher

Extremism in Israel Is Fueled By Growing Ultra-Orthodox Movement in the U.S. , Allan C. Brownfield

Falwell’s Folly

Foreign Policy of 20 Million Would Be Immortals by Gary North

Hal Lindsey: Father of Apocalyptic Christian Zionism

Inhofe’s Pro Apocolypse Foreign Policy

Israel’s Discriminatory Practices Rooted in Jewish Law, Israel Shahak

Israel’s Dangerous Fundamentalists

Jewish & Muslim Religious Extremists Threaten Peace, Allan Brownfeld 

Jewish Settler Terror Groups, Steve Sosebee,

Jewish Fundamentalism in Israel, David Hirst

Keep Cal Thomas Away From Your Kids, Ahmed Amr

Kingdom Identity Ministries

Last Days

LEFT BEHIND BOOKS see Interfaith Dialogue Issues

Messianic Jews & the Red Heifer,

Muslim and Jewish Religious Extremists Threaten Peace

Pat Robertson in the Temple

Politics of Apocalypse

Radical Religious Right

Radical Jewish Groups Raise Funds in U.S.

Rapture Factor, Deborah Caldwell

Rebuilding the Jewish Temple in Christian Zionism

Red Heifer Born in Israel

Red Heifer Mystery

Red Heifer Cloning

Red Heifer Days

Red Heifer, Holy Cow?, Chuck Missler

Red Heifer and the Third Temple

Red Heifer: How Religious Nutballs Could Start WWIII, Justin Raimondo

Some Christians See A “Road Map” to End Times,

Struggle for the Temple Mount,

Temple in Jerusalem

Temple Mount Faithful Movement

Trouble on the Temple Mount

Unannounced Reasons for Christian Fundamentalist Support for Israel, Gary North

Will Fundamentalist Christians and Jews Ignite Apocalypse?