Ahmed, Dr. Parvez

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Dr. Parvez Ahmed is the Chairman of the Board for the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). Dr. Ahmed is also an active researcher and teacher of Finance at a university in Florida. He is the author of several scholarly articles and books in Finance.
In addition he writes op-eds dispelling stereotypes about Islam and Muslims. His op-eds have been published in The Orlando Sentinel, Miami Herald, San Francisco Chronicle, Chicago Sun Tribune, Star Tribune, Florida Times Union, Houston Chronicle, New York Newsday, Seattle Times, San Jose Mercury News, San Diego Union-Tribune, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Charlotte Observer, Sun-Sentinel, The Patriot News, Tampa Tribune, St. Petersburg Time, The Palm Beach Post and many others.

Dr. Ahmed won the Civil Liberties award in 2002 from the South-Central PA Chapter of the ACLU. He is also a board member for the North Florida Conference on Community and Justice and the Clear Channel Community Advisory Board in Jacksonville, FL.