ADAMS Center condemns brutal & depraved terrorist attack in Peshawar

ADAMS Center condemns brutal & depraved terrorist attack in Peshawar

The All Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAMS) condemns the brutal and depraved terrorist attack on High School children and staff in Peshawar, Pakistan.  Our hearts, thoughts and profound sympathies are with all the victims of these immoral acts, and with their families.  It is extremely difficult to find words to properly express our outrage and intense resentment that the perpetrators of this heinous crime can somehow claim and believe they are doing this in the name of our religion.

We consistently pray for peace, but remind our community and our friends that we must work together to help bring about that peace, and bring a rapid end to terrorism, extremism and conflict.  We also take this sad occasion to remind all Americans that Islam holds the human soul in highest esteem, and considers such an attack on innocent persons to be a sin of the gravest magnitude.

ADAMS has always been clear and very forthright in our position that those who commit acts of terror, murder and cruelty in the name of Islam are not only destroying innocent lives, but are also grossly betraying the values of the faith they falsely claim to represent.  The Holy Quran makes plain that no attacks on, or even injustice done to, Muslims can ever justify the killing or harming of innocent people and no act of terror will ever serve the cause of Islam. 

The souls of the depraved people who carried out this attack are beyond redemption, and obviously already lost to the evil Darkness that inspired their action.

We pray for God’s mercy on the victims, the survivors, and for all their families in this time of unimaginable grief