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We began this in 2007 and regularly update.  Please send us information about any issues we should consider including.

TIME SPECIFIC (The most recently posted are at the top)

Sign Avaaz petition to freeze Mubarak’s stolen fortune

Tell Congress to invest in civilian, not military aid for our allies

American Friends Service Committee has a simple form for you to write to your local newspaper editor

Join Shalom Center in writing to President Obama

Join Sojourners in sending an interfaith appeal for Egypt to President Obama

Join Amnesty International in urging the Egyptian Government To Release International Human Rights Observers, Stop Crackdown on Civil Society
Urge your senators to say “no” to any legislation that allows the government to cut off the Internet - No internet “kill switch”

Tell U.S. to Stop Supporting Egyptian Dictator

Sign petition to congress to stop U.S. aid to Egypt.  Cut off the Money: Stop US Funding for Egypt’s Murderous Regime

Sign Salsa petition - Protesters Attacked in Cairo - Demand That Obama Stop the Violence here

Sign’s Support the People’s Revolution in Egypt petition here

Sign AVAAZ statement standing with the people of Egypt here

Send an email to Hilary Clinton and Pres. Obama to US Government Must Press Egypt to Rein In Security Forces During Protests by Amnesty International here

Sign Credo Action petition to President urging Secretary of State State Hillary Clinton: Demand Mubarak resign and call for free and fair elections immediately here.

MPAC has the information for you to take action and call or write the White House and your representatives about the situation in Egypt here

Sign petition to Pres. Obama to cut military spending not education here for 25% solution - and/or here for Credo Action petition 1/27/11

Sign Roots Action petition in opposition to war in Afghanistan here  1/25/11

Please sign the Muslim Consultative Network pledge against domestic violence here

Open Letter to President Obama about Democracy Promotion in the Middle East and the Muslim World - * This letter was sent to President Obama on May 22, 2009, on the eve of President Obama’s historic visit to Egypt and address to the Muslim World.  It was signed by 1,600 American -  Muslim and non-Muslim experts and scholars on the Middle East.  A year and a half later, we still have not received an official response from the White House, and we feel that this letter needs to be read - again - by President Obama and his advisers.  That is why The Center for the Study of Islam and Democracy (CSID) is sending it again, as a reminder.  To add your name to the signatories please click here.

Sign the message of support for Religious Freedom.

Please sign the “To Bigotry No Sanction, to Persecution No Assistance” petition. 

Sign petition supporting American Muslims.  Write your Senators in support of the Islamic Center in NYC.  Write a letter to the editor of your local paper(s).  The FCNL has made this very easy to do at these links.

Sign statement supporting the right of all Americans to worship freely.  War on Prayer Interfaith group

Sign petition letter to Israeli Prime Minister asking him to stop the destruction of Bedouin villages in Israel. 

Sign J Street petition in defense of Cordoba House/Park 51. They will bring all the signatures we gather to the critical vote on The Cordoba House / Park51 project on Tuesday morning at the Landmarks Preservation Commission.

Send a letter to the editor of your local paper supporting an end to the war in Afghanistan. 

Sign a petition against House Resolution 1553 - Don’t Let Congress Green-Light Attack on Iran .  NIAC

Sign the petition the White House to reinstate Shirley Sherrod.  Color of Ch