AAI/APN Poll: Jewish & Arab Americans Both Want Two-State Solution

AAI/APN Poll: Jewish & Arab Americans Both Want Two-State Solution

WASHINGTON - The Arab American Institute (AAI) and Americans for Peace Now (APN) today released the results of their joint survey of Arab Americans and Jewish Americans gauging support within both communities for Arab-Israeli peace.  The results come on the cusp of the 40th anniversary of the 1967 Arab-Israeli war and resulting occupation.  Full results are available at http://www.aaiusa.org and www.peacenow.org.

The poll, conducted by Zogby International, revisits questions asked of both communities in a similar 2002 AAI/APN poll and a subsequent 2003 poll.

The new survey polled 501 Jewish Americans from May 22-23, 2007, and 501 Arab Americans from May 22-26, 2007.  The margin of error for both samples is +/- 4.5%.

Results confirm that strong majorities in both the Jewish and Arab American communities remain committed to the right of both Israelis and Palestinians to live in secure and independent states (Table 1); support a negotiated settlement to final status issues, such as Jerusalem, refugees, and borders (Table 2); and consider a resolution to the conflict in the U.S. national interest (Table 3).

“This survey, yet again, reaffirms our assertion that most American Jews support a diplomatic approach to resolving conflicts in the Middle East - whether conflicts between Israel and its neighbors or the conflict between the U.S. and Iran,” said Debra DeLee, President of Americans for Peace Now. “Not only do members of both communities support negotiated peace between Israel and its neighbors, they also want to see the Bush administration play a greater role to make it happen.”

“Despite heightened tensions and the devastation of continued conflicts in the region, solid majorities of Arab Americans and Jewish Americans are united in their desire for an end to the occupation and settlements, and for peace through a two-state solution,” added James Zogby, President of the Arab American Institute. “Both communities believe that U.S. policies have been ineffective and are looking to the 2008 presidential candidates to make engagement in the Middle East a priority in their campaigns and in the White House.”

The poll reveals that Arab and Jewish Americans share not only a commitment to peace, but also a common vision of what constitutes positive U.S. engagement in the Middle East.  The full results of the 2007 AAI/APN poll, which include questions on U.S. policy towards Iran, Israel-Syria negotiations, the Arab League Peace Initiative, and settlements, are available on http://www.aaiusa.org and www.peacenow.org. 

Two-thirds of Jewish Americans (68%) and Arab Americans (64%) also indicated they would be more likely to support a presidential candidate who took an active role in the Israel-Palestinian peace process (Table 4).

Meanwhile, respondents largely rated President Bush’s handling of the Arab/Israeli conflict in the Middle East as ineffective: 80% of Jewish Americans, 77% of Arab Americans (Table 5).

Respondents also expressed strong support (73% of Jewish Americans and 79% of Arab Americans) for serious U.S. diplomatic engagement with Iran rather than preparing for military action (Table 6).

Table 1:  Israeli/Palestinian Right to Secure and Independent State

Do you strongly agree, somewhat agree, somewhat disagree, or strongly disagree that [Israelis/ Palestinians] have a right to live in a secure and independent state of their own?