POETRY: A Moment In Life

Khaled Nusseibeh

Posted Feb 9, 2006      •Permalink      • Printer-Friendly Version
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A Moment In Life

By Khaled Nusseibeh

Do we choose to bid dear life farewell?
As though an embrace that is forcibly ended

A moment that truly ends all the moments
Of ephemeral and beguiling life

Moving in seemingly slow but actually
Stunning speed, as though

A full page that is folded
To be fastened to a heavy bundle of other papers

On which is written endless varieties of events
And names of unfamiliar persons and places

Interwoven in a cryptic or sensible drama
That drives the force of happenings forward

And does not- and cannot- bend backwards
To make cease the ineluctable motion of riveting life

Affectionately caressing the tender hands of newborn life
As if defying- yes overcoming- the seeming treachery of the fast-moving moment

That yields and succumbs to higher purpose
Marshalling life’s protagonists in a great story

Destined and Divinely writ
In a realm of unknowable wisdom and power

Yes, in the region of Divine Omnipotence
Subjecting all to undeniable theodicy

That He loves the fallible humans
Made by Him vicegerents in the illusory path of being and living