POETRY: A Jerusalemite Lady in the Gulf

Khaled H. Nusseibeh

Posted Feb 11, 2006      •Permalink      • Printer-Friendly Version
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A Jerusalemite Lady in the Gulf

Like a rose continually blossoming
Passage of time only nurturing its beauty

Audrey in her splendid youth a disquieted mind
Ineluctably enriched by life’s forward movement

The grace of middle age and marked maturation
True mirth emanating from a genuine heart

Can she be likened to olive oil with a radiant glow?
Or the fabulous shine of the afternoon sun?

Life that has borne life, that has carried fruit
Defying aridity by nurturing true love

A white, striking cloud that moves on our horizon
Giving joy to all those who know her

Like a straight road attracting those with true sense
Those that appreciate and recognize an honest heart

Or like a lilac flower that transcends wilting
And challenges those that behold, but do not revere, beauty

A tribute to the graceful mother, wife and sister
A precious glowing candle in a steady wind

Khaled H. Nusseibeh