1) Qur’an 3:97

Mohamed Zakariya wrote about this piece when it appeared in the Winter 1994 issue of TAM:

This piece is from the ninety seventh ayat of Surat Al Imran.  It means, approximately:  ‘It is a duty on people towards Allah to make the Pilgrimage to the House (of Allah) for those who are able to get there.’ (see te previous ayat and first part of this one for context).

The piece was written in the jeli slus script, in a horizontal, complex format.  This is a format that is especially appropriate for mosque walls.  The border is of my own ‘ebru’ marbled paper

The Hajj and umra are momentous events in the lives of Muslims.  There are nothing like them.  I am unable to write about them.

I ask Allah to give all the Muslims a chance to participate in this unparalleled cornerstone of the religion.”